Important Pricing Information

  • All information is free of charge and without obligation before the contract signing!
  • The monthly costs are dependent on the nature and extent of the services required to be performed.

Example Costs

Here are some example costs. Your exact costs will be dependent on the response to the request for quotation and will be tailored to your specific case.
  • One-off mediation fee: € 390
  • Daily basic costs: from € 45
  • Fortnight basic costs: from € 630
  • 4 week basic costs: from € 1,260

Financial Support

For more information on applying for financial support for 24-hour care upwards of care level 3, please visit the Ministry of Social Affairs - A request for financial support for short-term care can also be made at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The income limit for such financial support is a monthly income of €2,500 net of the cared for person. Care allowance, child care allowance, family allowance and housing allowance are not considered as forms of income.

The cost of 24-hour care is, under certain conditions, tax deductible as extraordinary expenses, less financial support and care allowance. For further information, please visit the Federal Ministry of Finance -